Welcome to FORDesigns. My name is Ashley.

I help people shape ideas into reality,

cross the gap between art & business,

and hit their mark,

transforming ideas into actions into results.

for·de·signs \ˈfȯr\di-ˈzīnz\ 
noun 1. a "crossing place" for ideas
noun 2. "dweller at the ford" who assists those crossing
verb 2. to cross over

First, Imagine.

  • Tell me about your business
    • Who are you now?​
    • Where are you headed?
    • Who do you want to be?
  • We will pinpoint your current competitors
  • A strong business concept like a strong website allows you room to grow

Then, Aim.

  • The art of design is the art of shaving away all excess
  • Now that we've brainstormed, let's begin the process of building 
  • Like crafting the perfect latte it requires patience, precision and just the right amount of panache.
  • We need a strong call to action, sitemap and 
  • Great Marketing Tells a Story and invites your audience (the client) to join you on a journey and become a part of your story
  • Now you have a website
  • I will update and moniter your SEO


shoot for the stars.

Let's Begin!

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